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Cupcake Bracelet Pattern by PookNero Cupcake Bracelet Pattern by PookNero

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I've been thinking about offering bracelet patterns for sale for personal use, so that people who know or want to learn how to loom bead could recreate my bracelets for themselves. I whipped up this cupcake pattern as a cute free example of the format I'm thinking of! Feel free to use this pattern to make yourself or a friend a bracelet, but please don't sell them. Feedback on any information you'd like to see added to the pattern is appreciated.

I created a similar design as the basis for a key chain I started work on a few months back and then neglected. I thought the cupcakes were cute, so I recycled them into this bracelet pattern.

The pattern is 16 x 90 beads, using my materials this produces a beadwork that's roughly an inch wide and six inches long before the ends are finished. This is a pretty easy pattern, but first-time loom beaders might find it a tiny bit difficult because it's wider than some more beginner-friendly patterns.

Let me know if you use this pattern to make something, I'd Love to see pictures! :heart: And I'd love it if you'd link back to this free pattern.

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December 23, 2012
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